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You have products A, B and C. You create a product set [A,B,C]. The individual products may have dozens of reviews each, but the set has zero. The only current solution is to share reviews among A, B, C and set [A,B,C] which makes the majority of the reviews under A, B and C no longer relevant.

We need the ability to feed reviews from A, B, C into [A,B,C] without reviews from the individual products sharing among one another, and without set reviews from [A,B,C] sharing back into individual product reviews of A, B C.

This is an EXTREMELY critical feature. I can't stress enough how badly we need this feature. Creating bundles and gift sets is a major priority for almost every business. It's the most important promotional for the majority of businesses. Requiring us to begin our reviews from scratch every time we create bundle kills us.

Additional request: When product [A,B,C] sells, allow us to request reviews for either the product bundle, or for A, B, and C separately.

Suggested by: Andrew Upvoted: 29 Jul, '19 Comments: 2

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Comments: 2

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